Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? How about Dragon Age: Origins? [UPDATE]

I’m only half-joking: Dragon Age: Origins is one of Bioware’s best games, and one of the best computer RPGs of the last decade, and it’s available right now on for five bucks. I suspect that most of my readers already have it, but the sales aren’t bad this week over there.  Sim City 3000 for $2.49, for example.  I’m half tempted to get it, despite the fact that Sim City 2000 ate about three months of my life…


Well, I resisted it.  Sort of.  I bought Sim City 4 instead.  Five bucks.

[UPDATE: My wife informs me that the post is incomplete. It should be the game, and time to play it. I have corrected the post.]


Dragon Age: Origins on mega-Steam sale.

Don’t bother with the $4.99 version, if you haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins before: just get the Ultimate Edition for $7.49.  It’s so absolutely worth it.  I may have told this story before, but: I bought it first, and then my wife watched me play it for a bit, and then she asked if she could have her own gamesave (which of course she could), and then she got her own copy, and then we upgraded her computer so that it could play it properly, and it turned out that naturally my machine needed upgrading… seriously, it was addictive. My wife compared it to ‘a mediocre tabletop RPG campaign,’ which is actually an amazing compliment.  Getting a computer to fake it that well is no easy task.

Check it out.


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