Drew Goddard to direct/write X-Force.

X-Force being sort-of, kind-of Deadpool 2: “It’s been confirmed that X-Force will continue the adventures of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Cable (Josh Brolin) as they lead “a Black Ops force of down and dirty mutant warriors who are far more ruthless than their X-Men counterparts.””  Intriguingly… well, no, it’s unlikely that they can get Hugh Jackman to do one more turn as Wolverine, despite the fact that Reynolds would cheerfully commit some of the milder felonies to get Jackman in the film.  And I can’t imagine at this point anybody else playing Wolverine.  All of which is a shame, but that’s Hollywood for you.

Drew Goddard did The Cabin In The Woods, by the way.  So he has some directorial chops. And no particular fear of movie blood.

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