Dumb Glasses [GURPS 4e]

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Dumb Glasses [0 points*]


These magical items are used for emergency transport by MiBs and other people tasked with dealing with the more terrifying manifestations of the supernatural. They resemble standard black sunglasses, with attached earplugs on cords.  When worn, Dumb Glasses give the following advantage/disadvantages (assume 6- for all disadvantages with a self-control number): Absent Mindedness, Bad Sight (nearsighted), Clueless, Dyslexic, Hard of Hearing, Incurious, Innumerate, Killjoy, Non-Iconographic, Short Attention Span, Strong Will +3, and -4 to Perception. Also, in worlds where Unfazeable is a valid defense against things like the Great Old Ones, add both that advantage, and Indomitable.


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