Adventure Seed: Dungeon Speed Crawl.


Dungeon Speed Crawl


The party is called in to ‘advise’ in problems arising from the refurbishing of a long-abandoned secret facility. Before you ask, yes, the Shadow Government tries to always have a few of these salted away, in various places; it’s practically a necessity.  You see, there’s a particular quirk of the adventurer mindset that makes it remarkably difficult to accept that the Illuminati might sometimes really and truly just want a particular group of freelance meddlers and applied chaoticists to go out and apply their unique skillset to a particular problem.  And even when the adventurers do take the job from the Illuminati, they then spend far too much time waiting for a sudden, yet inevitable betrayal that will never actually come.  But give those adventurers a chance to “loot” the exact same details about that problem from “an abandoned lair,” and they’ll jump right in, with both feet.  Weird, huh?


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