Tweet of the Day, THAT’S An Alarming Unemployment Trendline edition.

There’s absolutely no argument from me that you don’t want to read too much into a dramatic graph.

At the same time, sometimes dramatic things do happen. Certainly it’s significant enough looking that people on the Left are there and starting to push back on it in earnest.  And why is it so difficult for the Left to admit that minimum wages have a negative impact on employment, anyway? It’s economics that even non-economists can understand.


Is Julian Sanchez over-analyzing superhero/supervillian CEOs?

His point that iconic superhero CEOs inherit wealth, while iconic supervillian CEOs generally earn it from scratch is interesting (it’s also interesting that Bruce Wayne is both the most competent CEO and the closest-to-evil superhero on Julian’s list); but I wonder if he’s reaching too far, or too deeply, in his explanation why.  Could it simply be that comic artists and writers generally don’t like it that they have to at least sometimes have fights with the business/management side of the comic book companies that they write for?  That could easily bleed over into their creative output…

Via AoSHQ.

Moe Lane


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