Ed Snowden continues to betray America.

I went off on this on Twitter last night, and I am no less disgusted today: Ed Snowden does not, in fact, care for the United States of America.

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported Saturday that the NSA had bugged European Union offices and gained access to EU internal computer networks where it was able to read documents and emails. United Nations offices were similarly targeted, reports Der Spiegel based on information provided by Mr. Snowden.

Of course the National Security Agency bugged them!  That is what the National Security Agency does! Continue reading Ed Snowden continues to betray America.

Hey, guess who wanted leakers tortured? That’s *right*: Ed Snowden!

Welcome to the Fishbowl, Eddie.

Meanwhile, back at the story that will resume being front and center by Friday:

During a 2009 trip to Switzerland, National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden logged into an internet chat room he frequented to cure what was apparently a case of homesickness and general loneliness. According to a report in Ars Technica, which got a copy of the chat logs, Snowden riffed off a New York Times story about cyber-attacks in Iran designed to slow the nation’s acquisition of a nuclear bomb. Whoever leaked that story to the Times, Snowden opined, “should be shot in the balls.”

…well, I wouldn’t go that far.  But, yeah, I got a problem with people who, oh, deliberately reveal classified information for the express purpose of embarrassing the United States of America.  Guess Snowden stared into the abyss for just a little too long?

Moe Lane

Tweet of the Day, HAHAHAHA :Breathe: HAHAHAHA edition.

You all know my views on Ed Snowden.  But this is… somehow apropos.  Or symbolic:

Via Twitchy. Hot Air has more; Ed’s being nicer about it, or at least laughing in private.

Moe Lane

PS: BTW, NEVER TRUST CONTENT FROM GLENN GREENWALD. Trust him and you’ll end up on a twelve hour flight from a former Commie hellhole to a current Commie hellhole with no story, and probably nothing to read.

Ed Snowden flees Hong Kong, goes to… Russia.

Told you he wasn’t legit.

This isn’t civil disobedience, by the way: civil disobedience is when you tell the cops to go ahead and arrest you, the legal system to go ahead and convict you, and the government to go ahead and actually put you in jail. Civil disobedience is about doing what you think is right and accepting the consequences. Otherwise, it’s presumption, arrogance, and the arrogant presumption of privilege (literally: “private law”).  Which is an excellent way to describe Ed Snowden, frankly. And Wikileaks, come to think of it.

No, what we have here instead is some good, old fashioned Lefty agitprop going on here:

The global cat-and-mouse hunt for Edward Snowden took a dramatic turn Sunday when the man wanted on U.S. espionage charges fled Hong Kong and may be in the air over Russia.

Snowden, who leaked top-secret details about U.S. surveillance programs, left Hong Kong on Sunday “through a lawful and normal channel,” the Hong Kong government said.

He took off with the help of WikiLeaks, which assisted with Snowden’s “political asylum in a democratic country, travel papers (and) safe exit from Hong Kong,” the group said on Twitter.

He’s gone to Russia.  Russia, where they kill uppity journalistsContinue reading Ed Snowden flees Hong Kong, goes to… Russia.