To every thing – turn, turn, turn – there is an [Election] season – turn, turn, turn…

This is why October in an election year is always so much fun

Voters have turned decidedly hostile toward President Obama and his policies. That’s not just my partisan view; it is empirical data. A poll released over the weekend shows that 32 percent of voters are using their midterm election votes to send a message of opposition to the president. That is “the highest ‘no vote’ percentage in the last 16 years” as measured by Gallup. I have never seen a White House or a political party as hollowed out as the Democrats appear to be now.  The Obama presidency isn’t officially over yet, but it is receding further into our rearview mirror.  And it is becoming clear that many in the Democratic Party think the Obama presidency is effectively over, and they are acting accordingly.



Today’s events remind me of something about election cycles.

And it’s a pretty straightforward insight: to wit, Nobody ever believes that what happened to the other guys last cycle can just as quickly happen to you this one.

Seriously, objectively speaking the Democrats are in a hell of a jam right now: the country hates Congress (including the Democratic members of it); the country is starting to seriously hate the President, too; and the post-2014 gubernatorial Democratic lineup is looking to be both weak, and sparse.  Traditional groups in their caucus are threatening to split off, the most reliable parts of their caucus are losing intensity… and their supposed frontrunner for 2016 is the candidate who is next in line.  Shoot, said candidate even lost a particularly hard-feelings primary battle in 2008 that had multiple allegations of poor sportsmanship and dirty tricks.  And is going to be old. (more…)


My hate mail reminds me that I need to make a point about election cycles.

First off, let me apologize: trying to navigate Windows 8 AND the new format for YouTube means that I somehow managed to not keep a copy for people’s delectation.  I’m sure that the fellow will go through the trouble of creating a new anonymous account for the express purpose of telling me that I’m not worth anybody’s time, so there’s that, at least –

That reminds me:

Feel free. There’s a really cool Trail of Cthulhu supplement that I’d like to pick up; the family’s discretionary income fund is wayyyy down right now; and, honestly, the generosity of the Online Right’s readership pisses off the Online Left no end, largely because they apparently find it almost impossible to get crowd-funding*… (more…)

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