Finally got around to starting ‘Elementary.’

The pilot was pretty good. Jonny Lee Miller makes for a believably neurotic Holmes; and, of course, nobody is allowed to say anything bad on this website about Lucy Liu, ever*. I am not the hardcore Holmesian that many people are, but I do like the characters and the books; and I enjoyed the way that the two interact with each other. Hopefully the rest of Elementary: Season 1 will be as good.  Because, you know, I’ve already bought it and everything.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m not going to block anybody for not liking Lucy Liu, per se. But I will be slightly disappointed in your lack of taste.

*One of the myriad tragedies stemming from the fact that Hollywood has inexplicably decided not to option out Island in the Sea of Time is that Lucy Liu will never get to play the part of Dr. Alice Hong.

Real quick: Elementary, First Season. Go/No-go?

I’ve got just enough left of the Amazon money (thanks to everybody who uses my site for that, by the way) to pick Elementary: The First Season up. Is it worth it? – I’m a big fan of Lucy Liu, mind you.

And I already saw Sherlock, and the first season of Castle arrives tomorrow (again, thanks).  So no need to recommend either, instead.

Moe Lane