The Emperor in Yellow: some thoughts on a potential new RPG campaign world.

For the next Patreon offering. This would be explicitly Cthulhu Mythos, with a HEAVY reliance on The King in Yellow. Thoughts?


Idea: Emperor Norton I did die on January 8, 1880 — and his body was taken over by the King in Yellow, which then used Norton’s miraculous ‘recovery’ to insidiously spread through California.  Now it’s 1911, and San Francisco mayor Winthrop is about to run for President, on the strength of his leadership during the horrible statewide earthquake of 1906. And Norton’s husk is finally about to die.



Guy just gets HANDED a Emperor Norton promissory note. He just gets HANDED one.

Well, he had to spend a grand to get it, sure. This turned out to be a very intelligent decision, because mint versions of that are worth up to fifteen grand. It would have been one even if it hadn’t been actually an authentic* Emperor Norton promissory note. But it apparently was!

Kevin DeMattia, co-owner of the Emperor Norton’s Boozeland in the city’s gritty Tenderloin, bought the note from an Oregon man who contacted the Norton-themed bar via Facebook and offered to sell it.

“I decided to buy it sight unseen and sans authentication,” laughed DeMattia who collects Norton memorabilia to display in the bar.

Via Facebook.


Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of the Emperor Norton Bridge.

Otherwise known as the ‘Bay Bridge:’


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