So I was flipping through YouTube…

…and I came across a trailer for The Second Coming of Christ, which is apparently going to do some variation of a premillenial Christian apocalypse scenario, Book of Revelation style.  Now I’m not criticizing the topic, or the desire to make this film, or even the inspirational style in which it’s being done. I’m not the target audience, and that’s actually fine.

But what I would like to see is a movie about the Tribulation, the Rapture, and so forth that is simultaneously faithful/respectful to the Biblical account and not directed by somebody who actually believes in the End Times. It’s a variant of the “show, not tell” principle: I’ve seen a few movies in this genre, and they typically feel compelled to witness. I would like to watch a movie where that urge is simply not present.  Admittedly, that would make it a horror film.  Which is why I’d want somebody who was committed to follow the story as it was originally presented.

I doubt that I’ll ever get that, though. Which is a shame.

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