ENnie Awards tonight!

Didn’t know many of the games, but Absinthe in Carcosa (The Yellow King RPG) and The Labyrinth (Delta Green) both definitely deserved their awards. Good times on the Gen Con panels generally, although I forgot to point out to Ken Hite that Emperor Norton would make for a particularly pathos-horrific Tattered King*. Maybe if it comes up again organically in tomorrow’s panel…

*He’s doing a San Francisco supplement for TYKRPG! This made me simultaneously cheer, and groan. Cheer because it’s gonna be cool, and groan because there goes my Hastur Mythos steampunk concept right down the tubes… ach, well. His is gonna be awesome.

The ENnies are back on!

The ENnies are Gen Con’s gaming awards. And although Gen Con may have been cancelled, there’s still going to be an awards ceremony:

Huh. It occurs to me that the Kickstarter‘s RPG worldbook will technically qualify for next year’s awards, although it almost certainly won’t win, or even get nominated. Still, it’ll be a slightly different world for me at that point. Neat!

ENnies tonight.

UPDATE: And Ken Hite for THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN! Which I am very pleased to say that both I and my readership helped playtest.

Gamer awards. So far, congrats to Robin Laws and Ken Hite for best Podcast…

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2018 ENnie Award nominations are out.

Found here.  A lot of nominations for the new Delta Green, which is honestly the only one that I can really speak of from this year’s list.  But it’s good — if you like cosmic horror, particularly when it’s written by people who are having their own Horror at Red Hook moment — so I’ll happily vote for it and leave the other categories blank.  Also, the new Delta Green Kickstarter (for Delta Green: Labyrinth) drops on Monday, assuming it doesn’t get delayed again. Gonna be cool…

Voting on the ENnies has begun.

The ENnies being an annual award for tabletop roleplaying games, of course. I have voted, but will not be telling anyone else how to vote.  Suffice it to say that there were a large number of innovative and entertaining games made over the last year, including hopefully a few that my readers are now familiar with.

Also, possibly there’s a new game or two in there that you might find of interest.

The ENnies are tonight…

…and so far it looks like there’s plenty of love for The Dracula Dossier, Delta Green, Feng Shui 2, and a bunch of other stuff that I voted for. Huh. Go figure.

Everybody congratulate Ken Hite in particular, given that he every so often graces us with a comment here.

So, Death & Taxes is up for an Ennie!

You may remember me mentioning it earlier in the year. My gaming group was going to run it, but then we had a sudden attack of never-you-mind and when the dust cleared I didn’t think that I had enough players to run it properly.  But Death & Taxes is very pretty, and I’m pretty pleased that it’s up for a major gaming award.

Voting on the Ennies in general has just started, and you can do it here. It was a good year for the Ennies, which means that it’s a bad year for the Ennies; there are a couple of games there where it’s a pure shame that they both can’t win.  Voting was surprisingly tough in some cases, in other words.