Request for prayers/good wishes for a friend.

Eric Burns-White: it’s sounding like he’s having a horrible year, and it’s only May.

Moe Lane

PS: As soon as I find out what, if anything, more material can be done for him and his wife Wednesday, be assured that I’m going to do that, too.  Eric’s a damned good guy and a good writer.  And that’s ‘good’ at my level, honestly.

Hey, Banner Latte is updating again!

Banner Latte is run by Eric Burns-White, an old buddy of mine from the last century.  We ran in the same amateur gaming circles; false modesty be darned, but there are few people who I think of as real peers when it comes to writing*. Eric’s on that list; check it out if you’re a nerd.  Which, honestly, I assume many of you are.

Moe Lane

*And now I’m going to look at that above paragraph six billion times, just to make sure that I wrote it in a sufficiently awesome style to justify what is pretty much an unsustainable brag.  Ah, hubris.