Event Seed: May/June 31st.

May_June 31st – Google Docs

May/June 31st


99.9999% of the population never notices this, of course; but roughly half the planet (Mayflies) believes that there’s a May 31st, and the other half of it (Junebugs) believes that there’s a June 31st. Why? Because of a fairly impressive magic spell, of course. More on that later.



Event Seed: Dimmets Ascendant.

Dimmets Ascendant – Google Docs

Dimmets Ascendant


These days are not the same as ‘Fridays the 13th:’ those ‘magical’ dates on the calendar have all the intrinsic occult power of a soggy napkin, although admittedly human belief can generate quite a charge of negative supernatural power if you don’t ground it properly.  No, Dimmets Ascendant are entirely a different sort of magical date on the calendar. Meaning that they’re older, meaner, and potentially a lot scarier.



Adventure/Event Seed: the Chemitron Working.

Blame this.

The Chemitron Working

About the best thing that you can say about the attempt in the 1950s to create a synthetic angel was that… apparently it did not manage to infuriate the Almighty. Whatever the ‘Almighty’ even is, in this context. This is one of the problems with attempting to manipulate forces that operate at a higher level of reality than the level that you’re currently inhabiting: you’re never quite sure whether anything happened.  Well, unless you crack the Earth like an egg, or open a portal to the Universe of the Entropy Shriekers, or something like that. Something obviously happened then.


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