I can still think that “Batman, Incorporated…”

…is kind of goofball, right?  I mean, I got no quarrel with Randy’s take on the French Muslim Batman of Paris (sounds like a modern art painting title), but the idea of franchising the Caped Crusader seems a bit… weird.

Mind you, I don’t currently buy Batman comics, so I can probably be safely ignored anyway. Continue reading I can still think that “Batman, Incorporated…”

“Yea, though I walk through the valley…

“…of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for the Dark Knight is by my side.”

I normally would at least wag a finger there – it’s not unreasonable to find that at least a little rude – but it was in response to the Fred Phelps freaks showing up at a comic book convention, which means that context is going to come into play here.  Given that I’ve heard ordinary, decent Christians happily endorse the idea that a good curbstomping would be an excellent way to respond to the Phelps clan’s habit of protesting soldiers’ funerals, I think that we can forgive invoking the geek community’s invocation of Batman.

Via AoSHQ Headlines.


Sorry, just getting into the spirit of things:

Personally, I would have said that the Adam West Batman was far too cool and sophisticated to be associated with Robin Carnahan; she’s much more identifiable with the infamous Batman & Robin* version. Still, doing it this way let us watch men in suits fight with farm implements, so I supposed that it’s for the best.

Moe Lane

PS: Roy Blunt for Senate, citizen.

*Shame? Moi?

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