@EvilHatOfficial has put a bunch of Spirit of the Century books…

…on ridiculous Christmas sale.  Spirit of the Century, for those unfamiliar, is an RPG for playing 1930s-style action/super-science/adventure pulp; the books on sale are pretty much Young Adults, and feature such things as dinosaur worlds, sentient apes on Mars, two-fisted adventurers, and at least one plucky Midwest gadgeteer and her racing tractor.  I figure I’ll give ’em to my kids OH DAMMIT IF THEY’RE GOING TO BE KIDS’ CHRISTMAS GIFTS THEN I COULD HAVE SPENT HOUSE MONEY ON THIS.

…Well.  Spirit of the season, and all that. Besides, they’re going for only two bucks a throw.

…Wait, there’s a BubbleGUMSHOE?

Good God, have I been living under a rock?

I mean, sure, a Majestic 12 sourcebook for Atomic Robo is nice and everything – no, wait, sorry: that’s awesome. But I didn’t know that Evil Hat was doing a version of the GUMSHOE investigative RPG for teen sleuthing.  I am shamed. SHAMED!