Adventure Seed: Eye Beems.

Eye Beems

Consider the species Halictus rubicundus, or the sweat bee.  Called ‘humble’ by the unilluminated, H. rubicundus in fact has quite the arcane civilization going on.  And it’s a peculiarly epic civilization, too: vast lands of decadent cities that contend with virile barbarians, with offerings made to strange gods in secluded places and weird magics practiced in stygian darkness.  Epic wars, too, in the air, with vast armies contesting over resources or pride or even simple glory. The sheer romance of it all! One would be utterly entranced by such things… except that they’re sweat bees, so most humans can’t really see any of this.  The time scale disparity alone makes it difficult for humanity to understand what’s going on; from a sweat bee’s point of view, humans are more or less Ents.  Sometimes extremely cranky Ents.


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