Fallout 76 Beta is live!

It was actually live earlier, but Bethesda decided to delete the Beta files on me when I tried to access it and then I had to re-download the entire thing.  I’ve gotten as far as the first camp, and now I get to see whether it started me back at the beginning again…

[LATER]  OK, I kind of see where this is going, and it’s not too bad. I’m kind of confuses at to what group content is supposed to look like, and I don’t understand how the heck I’m supposed to be using V.A.T.S., but Fallout 76 might actually be functional.  Depressing as hell so far, though. I like fixing stuff, in this universe.  And coming down like a crowbar from orbit on anybody trying to stop me. Continue reading Fallout 76 Beta is live!

Fallout 76 Beta to start 10/30/18 for PC.

Oh, and the Playstation. XBox beta is already live, which is nice for them.  But the real workout for Fallout 76 starts on Tuesday. One thing to remember:

On any given day the game might be up for anywhere between four to eight hours. Focusing as many players as we can into these windows is our prime objective. Then we’ll fix what we need to fix and do it again and again from the start of B.E.T.A. until a few days before launch. We’ll give you as much heads up as possible because we need you to log in during these times and play the game. We’ll also keep you posted through our official @Fallout and @bethesdastudios on Twitter as well as the Bethesda.net forums and our Bethesda.net Status Page to learn when servers will be online.

I’m probably going to do the beta, but I’m not exactly sure how much of this game I am going to play.  I’ll probably be mostly interested in the lore, honestly.  Which promises to be quite gruesomely sad, given that I’m not going to meet a single talking organic person who isn’t also from the Vault.  And I’m probably not going to be able to actually fix the world, either.  Ah, well, maybe Fallout 5 will let me finally clean up the place, once and for all…

Fallout 76 reviews starting to come in.

This one from Gamespot is interesting.  Short version: Fallout 76 looks a lot like Fallout 4, but with other people.  Entertainingly, it looks a lot like my modded version of Fallout 4, in that there are leaves on the dang trees and everything (I just can’t get into the unmodded Fallout aesthetic*).  A whole lot of the mechanics and the GUI is identical, in fact.  But it’s not quite identical, and I assume that the differences will get me humiliatingly killed a few times.

Well, we’ll see in a month.

Moe Lane

*It’s been a long damn time.  The trees and the grass would come back.  Even if radiation is weird and entertaining in this universe.

The Xbox E3 Fallout 76 trailer.

[UPDATE]: Fully online play, multiplayer, build settlements anywhere, and you can launch nuclear weapons. November 14th, 2018.  I am… I’d feel better if I thought that there’d be no-PVP zones.


Definitely not DC.

This is just what they showed at the Xbox conference. The Bethesda one might have more.  Guess I’ll find out!

Moe Lane

PS: The Fallout 4 modders are going to love this.

Reminder: all leaked Fallout 76 footage is likely of the Devil.

Seriously, it’s embarrassing, the way they do it. How do they do it, you ask? “Well, I will tell you:” they take some footage from Fallout 3 or New Vegas, blur it a bit, then apologize because ‘the download was such poor quality.’  Seriously.  I flipped through a bunch of the ‘leaked’ Fallout 4 videos, and maybe one of them was from somebody who actually had access to the game.  And they’re doing the exact same thing for Fallout 76, because eyeballs.

So don’t check them out.  Check out my premium stuff instead, because I’m much more ethical. Which admittedly isn’t hard.