Item Seed: Fangsaws.

It’s gonna be a horror-themed month, I’m thinking.

Fangsaws – Google Docs



Description: take a miniaturized chainsaw.  Now replace the chain with a series of human teeth.  When in operation, the Fangsaw emits a low-pitched throb not unlike a zombie’s moan; the sound the teeth make when they cut into human flesh has been known to spawn nosebleeds for both the attacker and the victim.


The only reason why possession and/or manufacture of a Fangsaw is not immediate grounds for summary execution under Paragraph 6 of the Pan-American Occult Defense Pact of 1991 (signed by every nation-state on the American super-continent, including a couple you’ve never heard of) is because no atrocities or ‘supernatural terror crimes’ are required to enchant this particular magical weapon.  Surprisingly: certainly forensic enchanters spent six months reverse-engineering the spells used, on the assumption that they’d be able to get the manufacturers for something.  Alas, no; there’s nothing that allows it can’t be automatically sanctioned.


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