Happy Father’s Day! I’m a dad, buy my book!

Au contraire: I am absolutely living up to the ideals of this holiday. As a father myself I am perfectly allowed to say that FROZEN DREAMS is a wonderful Father’s Day gift. As for my own father; well, I have this sudden vision of him up in Heaven taking a drag off of his unfiltered Camel and yelling “BUY HIS BOOK, YOU RAT BASTARDS!” before he gets back to watching hockey*.

So there you go. I’m covered, either way.

Moe Lane

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. We currently don’t have anything scheduled right now, what with my wife’s sprained back (she has the Switch and a milk stout, so that’s all sorted out, at least) and the baronial meeting tonight. Honestly, though, the holiday’s all just part of a long-term scheme for the meat industry to sell more steaks or whatnot anyway.

Which is silly, I know. Make steak available, steak will be purchased. It is a law of the universe, or something.

I keep forgetting: tomorrow is Father’s Day.

Although, to be honest: this one is largely an afterthought in the American secular holiday calendar anyway. At least, I always feel like that… although a review of my previous pontificating on the subject suggests that tomorrow would have to go very, very badly indeed before it approached the Father’s Day 2011 Event.  I dimly remember that Event*.  I will remind myself of it tomorrow, should anything go awry.

Moe Lane

*It’s deliberately hazy, though, which is a blessing.