The Federalist has officially arrived: the Left is trying to delete its Wikipedia entry.

How droll.

Yep. It just happened. The science-loving censors at Wikipedia, not content with memory-holing unassailable facts about Neil Tyson’s history of fabricating quotes (part 1, part 2, and part 3), are now trying to completely erase The Federalist from Wikipedia. Seriously, take a look:

The folks at the Federalist might take some comfort in the fact that you really haven’t arrived as a conservative/Republican/Righty online publication until a progressive Wikipedia editor attempts to delete your site’s entry. RedState went through this ourselves, back in the day; and I have to say, the Federalist has had it lucky. Our particular drama included gay-baiting… and no, I have no idea why a bunch of anonymous progressives thought that that would work.  Heck, I don’t even know what ‘work’ would mean as a definition, in this context.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

[UPDATE]: Oh, it gets better.  The Cult of deGrasse Tyson apparently managed to get the Wikipedia page shut down, briefly.  I think that Federalist editor Ben Domenech’s comments here are worth noting:

“It’s funny to see how these Wikipedia crowds have gotten even more intense,” Domenech added. “Kevin Williamson was speaking at Heritage and pointed out that as the Left gets more exhausted it also gets more authoritarian. He was referring to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. saying that climate change deniers should be arrested. That sort of thing is something you see reflected on the Internet as well. They form these little mobs.”

And Wikipedia’s unique problem is this: it has no effective defense against mobs, and cannot really acquire one without having a lot of people go into full-bore hysteria on the subject.

Regarding the Federalist’s Popular Books That People Don’t Actually Read.

Interesting. Of this list*:

  • Have read Atlas Shrugged (sadism porn, frankly).
  • Haven’t read On the Origin of Species (never felt the need).
  • Haven’t read Les Miserables (skipped the musical, too. And the movie. Loved the Animaniacs bit).
  • Have read A Tale of Two Cities (for high school. I think I’ve read a bit of Dickens, actually).
  • Have read 1984 (a hell of a lot more times than the people who love to use it to bash Republicans. Also: masochism porn, frankly).
  • Haven’t read Democracy in America (yes, I am ashamed. I think that I even have it for Kindle).
  • Haven’t read The Wealth of Nations (I have taken a stab at it; hard going).
  • Have read Moby Dick (only once; every time I’ve tried since then, I’ve lost my copy somehow. Seriously weird, actually).
  • I can’t remember if I’ve read The Art of War or not.
  • Have read The Prince (tried to read the Discourses, got sidetracked).
  • I’ve looked at Ulysses.  I’ve looked at it real hard.

I wonder if this really means anything, one way or the other.  I mean, I was an English major; it’s hardly surprising that I like to read.

Moe Lane

*I’ll spare you the tedium of linking each one to its entry. Sorry; it’s been a long week and the kids are on a reduced school schedule.  And I still got four days to go…