Ferguson and the Boston Tea Party: or, On speaking truth to political auto-eroticism.

My friend and RedState colleague Dan McLaughlin has written an article for the Federalist on the myriad differences between the Ferguson riots and the Stamp Act protests/ original Boston Tea Party*.  It is well-written, historically-aware, perfectly correct… and absolutely useless in terms of its original purpose, which was to try to educate writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates and/or Jamelle Bouie (both named in Dan’s essay).  There’s a reason for that.

I see this happen a lot, actually: there’s a definite core goal mismatch between the Right’s writers and the Left’s here. OK, OK, to be fair: some of the Right’s writers and some of the Left’s. There have been a noteworthy number of people pushing back against their own side’s various narratives in the last few weeks.  But in this case Dan ended up addressing and countering an ‘argument’ that Mr. Coates and Mr. Bouie don’t actually take seriously at all.  You see, both of them are actually producers of what is frankly an extremely narrow and stylized form of political pornography: Coates and Bouie are not trying to really convince anybody of anything.  They’re trying to disseminate pay copy that will make their largely white, affluent, and progressive audience feel good.  That is not entirely why they have their jobs (both can write coherently in English**), but it is the primary reason that they’re making their mortgage/car payments.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the need to engage the arguments of the Other Side.  It’s just that, under the circumstances, I don’t see much point in doing so here.  How do you engage somebody when the primary motivation of that somebody is to fully experience how wonderful their hand is feeling, shoved down there inside their pants?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I should probably note that I don’t particularly begrudge Ta-Nehisi Coates or JamelleBouie their gigs: I might if they were selling to the same audience as I was, but they’re not.  In other words, I look upon their work the same way that I would look upon any other personally distasteful fetish pornography that nonetheless involves consenting adults: it’s all very furtive and sticky, but somebody has to peddle it, apparently.  Just don’t expect me to take their work any more seriously in a public policy context than I would a clown porn video.

*Short version: Ha! Not even close.  And anybody who tells you otherwise should wear a sign that said “Hi! I flunked all my classes in American history!”

**This particular quality can be surprisingly hard to find in this business.  And don’t get me started on the people who think that they can write poetry…


Cops report Molotov Cocktail found at Durham, NC #ferguson protest.

This is my shocked face. Thankfully, the idiot who made the Molotov didn’t double down on stupid by throwing it:

Police recovered what appeared to be an “undetonated explosive device” Saturday morning at a location where more than 20 protesters were arrested during a demonstration Friday night.

The device, a bottle with a wick and an “apparent petroleum-based liquid,” was found in the 600 block of Foster Street, between West Geer and West Corporation streets, police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said.

Police had no reports of any such devices being thrown during the demonstration, but rocks and sticks were thrown at officers, Michael said.

…Later on the article, somebody histronically asked why cops were wearing riot gear.  Call me crazy, but I suspect that when you’re facing low-tech missile, melee and (potentially and allegedly, to be sure) incendiary weapons, you’re going to want to have body armor. At least, I would.


Moe Lane

PS: Throwing Molotov Cocktails at cops is not wise. Don’t do that.


#Ferguson protesters continue to… ah, ‘badly represent their own cause.’

As a general rule of thumb, your protests should not basically infuriate people who have jobs, places to be, or both.

Also: this is dangerous. This is dangerous in the sense that every time protesters do this, they are betting that the first cars that they stop will not have a driver who will snap under a sudden case of road rage and simply plow through the line. And don’t get me wrong: plowing through would be a wicked, immoral thing to do. But if I was protesting, I personally wouldn’t take that kind of risk.  Then again, if I was protesting it wouldn’t be for a cause that was being busily taken over by the blackshirts, either.

Via @BrianFaughnan.


Progressive agitators summon a mini-Mob in San Francisco. #ferguson

Not to be impolite about this, but one thing is absolutely certain about these violent San Francisco protesters (all bolding mine):

Shopkeepers lowered metal gates to protect their entries while shoppers with children dashed inside the giant Macy’s store and cowered behind locked doors. Some protesters broke shop windows and screamed at police, while others threw objects including bottles at officers.

Several families ran from the protest area while hundreds crowded behind police lines at Union Square’s ice rink. An activist spray painted “F T P” (F—The Police) on an Apple Store, watched by dozens of wide-eyed shoppers huddled inside.

…not a one of ’em vote Republican.  Most would, in fact, chew off their own legs before voting Republican. I would not care to bet any money that none of them would be opposed to putting people like me in a Stalin-era work camp.  Or people like you. (more…)


The inevitable Ferguson riots. ‘Inevitable’ thanks to the media, of course.

Look, I don’t want to get into the details of this case, largely because I haven’t been following it that closely and I suspect that I’d just blame the whole thing on Jay Nixon, whether he deserved it or not. Which he so totally deserves. Anyway, look at this picture:

You know why that police car is getting flipped over? It’s getting flipped over because there’s a guy with a camera there to put the whole thing on the nightly news. Most of the media has been absolutely salivating over the chance to cover a riot, and it looks like they’re getting their wish. Hope the newsies get their bylines in fast, though: it’s going to get a lot colder tomorrow in Ferguson, and on Wednesday it will snow.


Tweet of the Day, You Are Not Helping The President Here, @Schultz44 edition.



Somebody explain to Eric Schultz when it’s a good time to get your politician boss away from a party. Or… actually, never mind. Heckuva job there, Eric. Keep it up.


The Ferguson situation is getting ugly.

I’m a law and order kind of guy, but I’m with Dan on this:

Always film cops. It keeps them honest. Likewise, I’m all about getting upset when it looks like a guy got killed for insufficient reasons, but rioting is not cool. So I don’t know what the hell to tell people, here. It’s just bad, from every angle.

Mind you, you’re not crazy if you think that there’s a double standard here over how the media is reacting to the authorities.

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