Fermi Resolution RPG will have @bfleuter for artwork.

I’ve announced this before, but it’s locked down now: the Fermi Resolution TT RPG worldbook (Powered by GUMSHOE) will have original artwork by Ben Fleuter. Ben, for those of you who do not already read Sword Interval – and if you do not, then please start reading Sword Interval – is a first-rate cartoonist who I’ve wanted an excuse to throw money at for some time now. I think that his aesthetic will work very, very well with this project.

You can get in on this worldbook, and a bunch of other stuff, at the Backerkit FROZEN DREAMS store here. Get it now, because the deals won’t last long!


Drives for the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG setting.

What I’ve been working on tonight, among other things. GUMSHOE tries pretty hard to keep the players on track to play, and Drives are a helpful way to do that. As the below notes:


Each PC follows a drive, a personal motivation giving him, her or it good reason to act heroically and curiously. By following your drive, you keep the story moving and ensure that your behavior is in keeping with the adventuring-investigative genre.



Some GUMSHOE adaptation work for FERMI RESOLUTION campaign project up on Patreon.

Link here. I think mostly what I need to do with this project is duplicate the stuff that you’d need to generate a character* and equipment lists, then just direct them to use the main rules in Trail of Cthulhu or whatever. This is supposed to be a campaign world for the Kickstarter, not a standalone game. It’s also supposed to be something besides a ten year project.

Moe Lane

*And sample characters. Hmm…

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