The second to last go-through on TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION.

After I finish checking the stories one more time, it’ll be time to collate them and get them into a KDF-compatible format. From there we go on to the print proof, and I’ll check it all again. And after that I’ll pull the trigger, order the books that need to be signed, and away we go. We’re still on track for this being done by the end of the month, or close to it.

In the meantime, the pre-order store for TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION remains open.

Day 29, TINSEL RAIN NaNoWriMo: 60027/60000.

It’s done.

Ha. Haha! HAhhaHAHA! IT’S DONE! Oh, it’s not a real book yet. It’s got twenty thousand words’ worth of connective tissue to establish and more characterization to develop and there’s a plot hole or three to fix and at least one scene to write, but: 60000 words! I made it! With a day to spare!

:twitch: :twitch:


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