My Patreon short-short-short ‘Fermi’s Resolution.’

I wrote up ‘Fermi’s Resolution‘ because I was trying to come up with an answer to Fermi’s Paradox (“Where the Hell is everybody?”) that hadn’t been already done to death.  I assume that this answer has been done already at least once already, though.  Trying to figure out where the aliens are is a very, very, very well-trod path in science fiction.

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Getting back into writing fiction has been a little hard, yes.

I thought that doing the 100 word pieces once a week would help, and I think that they may have actually done so – but scaling up hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world. That piece that I was working on last week, for instance: hit about 1,100 words and then I realized that I needed to think about the framework some more if I wanted it to be a coherent 5,000 piece. Which is kind of funny, because I’ve routinely cranked out a couple of thousand words a day for almost a decade. Just not all on the same theme, and with a different purpose in mind.

But I endeavor to persevere, as the man put it.  This looks like something that I can maybe place a story in:

(Via @emccoy_writer)

…and if I’m smart about it I won’t feel like I’m trying to rush and hit a deadline (the other problem I was having last week). Well, that’s why they call these things ‘adjustment periods’…