#rsrh QotD, Where Was This Attitude in ’08? edition. (NSFW)

Don’t get me wrong: I agree with the sentiment expressed by an unnamed McCain staffer today in regard to watching Team Obama trying to do damage control after the President’s disastrous commentary on the private sector – and possibly even more disastrous spin.

“We very much look forward watching Team Romney put Obama’s head in a vice over this,” he emailed “What goes around comes around, assholes.”

…I just want to know why the heck we didn’t see this attitude more, back in the day. And by ‘more’ I mean ‘at all.’

But I’m not bitter!

Moe Lane

Pelosi fine with jailing the uninsured.

I fiddled with cutting down this video…

…of Speaker Pelosi admitting that she’s fine with sending people who don’t want to be insured to jail (H/T: Infidels are Cool); but I’m not all that happy with the results. Which is interesting, because I’m also not happy with the notion of throwing poor people into jail just because Speaker Pelosi wanted to raid taxpayer wallets and pocketbooks for the benefit of the Democratic Party’s various special interest groups.


See also Hot Air, AoSHQ – and probably everybody else soon enough.

Moe Lane

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