#rsrh I need to apologize.

Recently, I compared Alan Grayson to an ex-KGB agent who was now engaged in a second career as a Mafia pimp.  I don’t know what I was thinking: the KGB tried not to hire babbling fools, and neither does the Mafia.

Incompetent babbling fools, at that.

The short version: Grayson just got caught by the papers indulging in some sloppy video editing to make it look liked Daniel Webster said the exact opposite of what he did say*.  You can see the original video here (complete with Grayson’s habitual aroma of eau de fearstink): below are Webster’s actual remarks.

As my colleague Erick Erickson just noted, Grayson’s the kind of politician who would attack his opponent’s daughter for being a thespian.  And remember: Grayson is one of the netroots’ paragons.  They’d clone this doofus, if they could.

Moe Lane

*Extra points: he’s got a female staffer to make his excuses for him.  I wonder if she had to be the one to have to explain away the ‘whore’ comment?  Did she get drunk that night, and cry a little?

No, I’m actually sympathetic.  It’s not easy to find a job, these days.  Sometimes you have to do what needs to be done, and worry about the hit to your self-respect later.

Meet Daniel Webster (R CAND, FL-08).

Daniel Webster is the candidate that finally got chosen to be the instrument by which we propel Alan Grayson to a fun new career as a bitter MSNBC analyst. We talked this afternoon, and I manfully avoided referencing either Stephen Vincent Benet or Charlie Daniels:

Daniel’s site is here.

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Grayson delendum est.

Because he’s a poor excuse for a man and I won’t insult women by suggesting that he was one, of course.

The NRCC wasted no time at all in reminding the world of what Alan Grayson likes to, frankly, spew on a regular basis:

It’s actually an impressive video in its brevity: the temptation to make it a twenty-minute highlight of every vicious, sexist*, and bigoted thing that Grayson’s ever said must have been difficult. Which reminds me, Grayson: that Senior Policy Advisor of yours, Matt Stoller? The one who hates Jews the ADL and the military? Does that ever lead to awkward moments at staff meetings?

Daniel Webster for FL-08. Because sometimes the cliche applies: Enough. Is. Enough.

Moe Lane

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Democrats, signs, and hoisting on petards.

You get the feeling that possibly Democratic politicians are starting to get nervous about November: they’re starting to advertise anywhere that they can.  Third Base Politics has the saga of Mary Jo Kilroy (D, OH-15), who put up a big honking sign at her HQ, then had to bring it back down for a zoning violation.  Kilroy, of course, is the Congresswoman currently trying to lie about being an anti-TARP warrior; I’m noting this latest mistake by her campaign for three reasons.

  1. It reminds me of the saga of Alan Grayson (D, FL-08), who has likewise gone the route of the Really, Really Visible Sign in order to hide a deep-seated insecurity about the rapidly-approaching November elections (Cook rates both seats as Toss-Ups).
  2. There’s something deeply entertaining about watching advocates of more and bigger government get caught in red tape and onerous regulations (it’s always onerous when it happens to you).
  3. Ironically, it’s not like big signs will even help.  The problem isn’t lack of name recognition; the problem is too much recognition of the ‘D’ after their names.

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Three Congressional Seats of interest.

Just a quick survey:

  1. CA-10 (D+11): David Harmer isn’t quitting this particular special election, and he’s having a bit of fun with the… well, I don’t know what John Garamandi was trying to do here:

    …but I hope that he does it again. A lot.
  2. FL-08 (R+2): Alan Grayson opened his mouth again; apparently he’s under the impression that there are no such things as recording devices.  Or that his constituents like being lied to, in a stupid fashion.

    The challenger for this seat is still up in the air (a lot of people want the shot), but the NRCC is happy to spotlight it anyway.  Nominee donation fund here.
  3. VA-05 (R+5): We have a candidate to go up against Tom Perriello!  Virginia state senator Robert Hurt. Perriello is – like Grayson, and oh, about sixty other or Democratic legislators – just a bit too liberal for his seat, and the GOP intends to bring that up. A lot.

So, as you can see: the machine is functional.

Moe Lane

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So, basically, if you’re a Democrat in debt…

…from your last campaign, relax: the Online Left is a soft touch for that sort of thing. Happened with Bob Miller (remember him?); and now it’s happening for Rep. Alan Grayson.  I heartily agree with my colleague Brian Faughnan on this one:

I heartily endorse the idea of Democratic donors giving generously to Grayson’s Congressional campaign. It might enable Grayson to repay some of the $2.6 million he loaned his campaign last cycle. And as Grayson’s personal net worth is somewhere north of $31 million, it’s not likely to make a dime’s worth of difference in how much Grayson spends next year, nor on whether he wins or loses. It will however, sop up some donations that might have made a difference in other targeted races.

Tells you something when a candidate doesn’t need an opponent* to get an opposition website, complete with donation page. Tells you something more when Cook upgrades your seat from “Leans Dem” to “Toss-up.”

Moe Lane


*Keep watching the skies on that one, by the way.

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Rep Alan Grayson (D, FL-08) scammed, 2000-2005.

How professionally embarrassing:

Freshman Rep. Grayson Taken to Cleaners in Ponzi Scheme

Freshman Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) lost $3 million in a stock swindle between 2000 and 2005, a Florida television station reported this week.

According to Orlando’s Local 6, Grayson was an investor in a Ponzi scheme run by the company Derivium Capital.

The usual too-good-to-be-true-and-it-was kind of situation; not to imply anything about the Congressman’s mental prowess, of course.  Or judgment.  Or even native good sense.  Still, good thing that he’s no longer in a position where he’s obliged to play with money, huh?

[Grayson] is a member of the Financial Services Committee.

…Never mind.

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Meet Representative Alan Grayson (D, FL-08).

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers. Have you seen the latest from Grassley on the IG firings?

He has difficulty keeping his hands to himself.


I’ve read the Constitution several times, but I’ve never seen the part that says that elected officials are allowed to physically assault people who’d like to ask questions. Like, say, about his questionable earmark habits:

Congressman Alan Grayson has had a close relationship with the civil rights group for which he tried to get hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. As WDBO first reported, the freshman Representative requested $350,000 for the Florida Civil Rights Association, despite its history of controversy, and being run by a man the state says is not trustworthy enough to be a bail bondsman.
(H/T: the NRCC)

Finding the constraints demanded by the dignity of the office too much to bear, Rep. Grayson? Because that’s easily fixed.

Moe Lane

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