You had me at ‘The Flintstones meets D&D,’ Pixar.

Seriously. That’s literally what Polygon called it.

Monsters University director Dan Scanlan is bringing one of his most personal stories to the big screen with Pixar’s next untitled film.

The movie is set in a world of “suburban fantasy.” We weren’t show much, but a title card displayed a small town’s skyline, complete with street lamps and a water-tower. There also happened to be a dragon flying off in the distance. Scanlan’s movie will include unicorns, dragons and a plethora of other beasts that are considered pests to other, ordinary folk — like centaurs, trolls and sprites.

…Yeah, just let me know when that’s out so I can get my seat, Pixar.  The odds of me not seeing this movie are low. Very, very low.