Emerging Markets In Conspiracy Theory.

It’s not every day that I link to something that flat-out insults people like me for believing in ‘irrational nonsense’ – but it’s actually rather ecumenical, in that special way that only evangelical rationalist atheists can be. Whoever wrote this up clearly loathes everybody with a religion, including the trendy ones.  Besides, I haven’t even heard of some of these, and I flatter myself that I have a pretty good feel for the field.

Also: the blank fields there offer excellent suggestions for future gaming.  Need a conspiracy?  Come up with something that mixes Quackery, Conspiracy, and the Paranormal! Guaranteed fresh!


The Moe Lane Zen And The Art Of Partisan Hackery Flow Chart.

Given the somewhat contentious discussions that we have been having in the conservative movement over the last few weeks, I felt that this might help. Besides, hey: flow charts. I’ve been meaning to get a program that would let me do flow charts*.

Anyway, I hope this assists.


Moe Lane

*It’s who I am, and I have given myself permission to be all right with that.