Book of the Week: “Footfall.”

Footfall is one that I have to go read again: hard science fiction alien invasion novels are pretty rare, and this is one of the masters of the genre.  Also, I can still remember and quote bits from it, and I read it half a lifetime ago.  Well worth flipping through again.

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Awww, crud. Yeah, this *is* how Footfall started.

With mucking about in the rings of Saturn (via Instapundit).

Anyway, let me channel the spirit of Bob Heinlein for a moment and instruct the US government: if it turns out that we are just starting up an alien invasion novel, skip ahead about three hundred pages or so and just start building the damned Orion Drive spaceship now.  And never mind the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: hell, the Soviet Union died choking on its own blood over twenty years ago, and if you don’t think that the ChiComs won’t build one themselves – and leave it in orbit afterward – well…

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