The ‘The Gifted’ TV trailer.

Definitely part of the X-Men universe: at one point somebody says that they don’t even know if the X-Men or the Brotherhood even exist anymore. …You and me both, friend. You and me both.

But The Gifted  might not be bad!  There’s often a disconnect between a studio’s movies and its television series. Just because Fox can’t consistently catch fire with its Marvel cinematic properties doesn’t mean that the TV shows will automatically suck.  I think. I hope. Let’s be optimistic about it.


Well, I WAS going to put up the Deadpool Integrated Marketing Campaign video…

…but apparently Fox made ’em take it down.  Despite the fact that it features, you know, Deadpool explaining how the movie managed to score a Clio Award nomination for marketing the damn film in the first place.  Spoiler alert: it wasn’t by ruthlessly own-goaling your own ad team.

I mean, yes, I understand intellectual property.  But Fox grossed three-quarters of a billion dollars on a sixty million dollar flick that only got made because SOMEBODY leaked that original test footage. Maybe give the mad advertising geniuses who hyped that movie a little bit of slack, here?


The IRS and Barack Obama: mission, as they say, accomplished.

(H/T: Instapundit) Annnnnnd here we go.  Two meaty bits from a Fox News poll:

irs poll 1

Translation: people don’t particularly believe that the Executive Branch didn’t know about the IRS targeting Tea Party groups all along. (more…)

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