Chlorine trifluoride reference!

Here (and here, for when the front page advances). Chlorine trifluoride has always had a horrified fascination for me, as my readers might remember: there’s just something about a substance so outrageously deadly that it ignites sand.  Then again, Freefall is one of those deceptively brilliant webcomics that would have a syndication deal in an even marginally fairer world, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it name-drops the stuff.

Webcomic Watch: Freefall.

If you are not reading Freefall, you should be. Ignore the fact that it has an uplifted wolf as a main character: it is a ridiculously sophisticated hard-SF webcomic that is in the middle of tackling the exceptionally ethically tricky question of sapient rights (both biological and mechanical). In a just world, it’d be syndicated and run in every daily paper.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, at some point I will update the Webcomics Page.

Heh. Blade Runner reference in Freefall.

Comic here: main comic here. Blade Runner is one of those movies that would be one of my favorites, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not exactly sure which one of the seven versions is my favorite; or whether the version that is my favorite actually exists.  It’s entirely possible that I’m picking and choosing to create an idealized gestalt Blade Runner in my head.

Which, by the way, is a notion that Philip K. Dick would have loved.