So. That ‘Cloak and Dagger’ trailer.

I was reminded of it by Constant Reader BigGator5, so I went and watched the Cloak and Dagger trailer a couple of times.

The problem is: I’ve never read the comics.  I mean, I grok the basic concept behind the characters, but without reading them I dunno whether this is a faithful adaptation of the original. Has Marvel gotten this one right?  Or at least right enough for TV? It’s going to be on Freeform** in 2018, after all.

Moe Lane

*I think that we can all agree that Marvel is at its best when it’s not trying to change the core identity of its comic book characters, yes?

**According to Wikipedia, this network has a fascinating journey through the wilds of cable networks.  Started off as a CBN satellite feed, became the Family Channel, segued into first Fox Family, then ABC Family, and is now Freeform and targeting millennials.  Imagine being the janitor who worked through all those paradigm changes…


The endearingly bloodily folkloric ‘Siren’ trailer.

I will say this for the Siren trailer: the mermaid in it looks properly alarming.


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Squirrel Girl getting TV show: “New Warriors.”

Got tipped to this in the comments section by Constant Reader acat.  Too early to tell how good/bad it’s going to be, yet. Maybe it’ll be OK?

Marvel is expanding its relationship with Freeform and getting into the comedy space.

In a competitive situation with other cable and streaming outlets bidding, the younger-skewing Disney-owned cable network has handed out a straight-to-series order for New Warriors, the comic book powerhouse’s first 30-minute live-action comedy. Cougar Town and Scrubs alum Kevin Biegel is near a deal to pen the script and serve as showrunner on the comedy.

New Warriors is definitely going to have Squirrel Girl in it, and she’s being described as a ‘natural leader.’  That kind of implies that she’ll be running the team. Also: Freeform’s executives sound like they’re kind of pumped to have gotten this show, specifically. I’d rather that they tried to get the character right, and failed, than if they didn’t try at all. (more…)

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