Adventure Seed: Abernathy and Weekes, General Grocers.

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Abernathy and Weekes, General Grocers

This Connecticut company first starts appearing in tax records a decade before the War of 1812.  A general grocers with sidelines in transport and warehousing, Abernathy and Weekes persisted as a private corporation until 1935, when it was dissolved by the state of Connecticut after the death of Blaise Abernathy, intestate.  Mr. Abernathy had been sole proprietor of the company after the death of his business partner Oscar Weekes in the First World War; neither Abernathy and Weekes had any other listed family, or other heirs.

Which is a sad story, but why does anyone care? Because of the advertisements that Abernathy and Weekes placed in various newspapers, journals, pamphlets, and other publications during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century.  The company regularly announced that they had a wide and comprehensive stock of items that are today on secret government occult watchlists: and not ‘eye of newt’ or ‘toe of dog’ stuff, either.  We’re talking about the hardcore materials that gets used to blight counties and sway towns.  The ingredients that black-bag sorcerers try to weaponize before the NSA finds them and then no-knocks a silver-and-steel team right through the wall.


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