GWB Rehabilitation Watch: As popular as Barack Obama?

I dunno if that’s good news for Bush or bad news for Obama, though:

Days before his second term ended in 2009, Bush’s approval rating among all adults was 33 percent positive and 66 percent negative. The new poll found 47 percent saying they approve and 50 percent saying they disapprove. Among registered voters, his approval rating today is equal to President Obama’s, at 47 percent, according to the latest Post-ABC surveys.

Ooh, wait, I know: it’s both!
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Shoot, I was missing GWB before it was cool. #rsrh

January 20, 2009 for me.


I’ve made no secret of it, either. Lord knows that former President Bush wasn’t perfect by a long shot, and Lord knows that the libertarians have a point when they grit their teeth on the subject, but I knew that we were in for a long four years even before the current President was sworn in.

See RedState, The Other McCain, The Camp of the Saints, No Sheeples Here, Troglopundit, & probably a bunch more people before it’s all over.

George, Laura visit Fort Hood.

It’s not far from where they live, of course.

Last night former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura made a secret visit to the devastated military families at Fort Hood.

The Bushes instructed the commander of the mourning military base that they wanted no publicity. With their Secret Service detail, Bush and his wife made the 30 mile trip unannounced from their ranch near Crawford, Texas Friday evening.

Note the lack of photos (Top of the Ticket had to use a stock picture from Qatar in 2003, apparently).  And I am fighting the urge to editorialize this.

It is… difficult.

Moe Lane

Oliver Stone is mad about Reagan and Bush.

Mad, mad Oliver! (Link fixed.)

…I was going to write this whole thing up Dr. Seuss-style, but honestly? It came out completely lame. Anyway, it’s really simple: Oliver Stone’s angry as anything over the way that people cruelly went out and didn’t see his last movie, so he does what anybody would in his situation (and mindset) – go onto Bill Maher’s show and call Reagan and Bush stupid poopyheads. It’s cheaper than therapy, which Oliver Stone probably can’t afford right now anyway.

It always fascinates me how certain elements of the antiwar movement are so determined to discount the intelligence of the very people that effortlessly kicked their ass on foreign policy. I mean, they didn’t even slow down either President – so if Ronnie and/or W were dumb, then what does that make them?

Moe Lane

PS: All that being said, I liked The Doors.

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One wonders if Hollywood will ‘drop’ the Dalai Lama now.

After all, Freeing Tibet is one thing – but rank heresy of this sort?

Audience member: “Can you give us an example of a leader we should look up to as a positive influence?”

Dalai Lama (after thinking for a few seconds): “President Bush. I met him personally and liked him very much. He was honest and straightforward, and that is very important. I may not have agreed with all his policies, but I thought he was very honest and a very good leader.”

There are surely limits, yes?  After all, the fellow was disturbing his listeners’ religious sensibilities most harshly with a statement like that.

See The Corner, The Anchoress, and the Boston Globe*, all via Right Side of Lowell.

Moe Lane

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Geez, Netrooters: if all you wanted was another Bush…

…we actually had a spare.

We just assumed that you weren’t up for Jeb having his turn. But apparently this was a bad assumption on our part (original alert via MsUnderestimated):

Our bad, I guess.

Moe Lane

PS: How are your new unicorns settling in?