“…Dunno. How BORED did hyu say hyu vos?”

Punchline to today’s Girl Genius.  Man, I love these guys…

…but I’m starting to wonder when the webcomic is going to actually reach some sort of climax.  I think that we’re somewhere in Act III, or maybe the beginning of Act IV; and the Foglios are very, very good at this sort of thing.  Still, if they were thinking about dragging it out I would argue that they shouldn’t, largely because I’d rather see the comic get wrapped up rather than lose any quality.

Yeah, I know, I know: who asked me?

You know, I’d be a heckuva lot more worried…

…about the events in this Girl Genius comic if it weren’t for the fact that it almost certainly happened before the events in this Girl Genius comic.

And, yes, if I am ignorant of any way that this potential temporal paradox can be reconciled with the loss of one of my favorite Girl Genius characters… well, I treasure that ignorance, thanks.

You know, despite the problematical geographical details…

…of the Girl Genius universe – England being sunk (but not depopulated), North America being inaccessible, the odd ubiquity of mountaintops with which to put a Mad Science castle/deathtrap/lair, one might almost be tempted to find the Steampunk/Mad Science setting attractive… until you see webcomic entries like this.

It’s not that the Male Love Interest #1 is lying; he’s not.  It’s not that MLI #2 is accusing MLI #1 of lying; he’s not.  It’s not even that MLI #1 did bring back Heroine’s family from the grave as a romance gambit.

It’s that it’s a recognized romance gambit.  One that’s been done, ah, to death…

Congratulations to Foglio Studios on their Hugo!

Despite their ultimately-sincere protestations to the contrary, it’s a well-deserved award: Girl Genius is one of those indispensable webcomics, and doubly indispensable for those of a steampunk or neo-Victorian inclination.  My (few) interactions with Studio Foglio have always been very amiable, as well.  In fact, my only regret on this is that Girl Genius winning meant that Schlock Mercenary did not, and I’d be writing a broadly similar post if Howard Tayler had won and Kaja & Phil Foglio had not.

Again, congratulations.

Moe Lane

PS: Now GO FINISH GURPS GIRL GENIUS, DAMMIT.  We wants it, we does.