Gizmodo pushback on iPhone conspiracy theories.

It’s entertaining enough to read the reasons why, no, it’s not really Apple’s style to do a deliberate leak of a gadget that will apparently be out in June anyway and will cause the usual mutliple orga… ah, ‘excite a lot of interest.’  But it’s this paragraph which I think addresses the real reason for the furious theorizing:

Presuming this was a leak is limp thinking. Worse, it hands back the control of the story to Apple because some are more comfortable believing Apple’s machinations are infallible than that they’re a company made up of human beings who try to control the news cycle—and that even the best laid plan can fall apart because of a single human mistake.

Yup.  Don’t get me wrong; I have an old iPod.  I like it. It plays music for long car rides.  But I don’t have an emotional involvement in the company that made it.

Moe Lane

#rsrh The next iPhone found in a bar.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) And the guy who found it did what any self-respecting geek would do; he sent it in to Gizmodo, which then proceeded to subject it to a verification/analysis program that would do credit to a technology assessment team sent in to survey a flying saucer crash.  Seriously, I was wishing that we had had these people around during the Cold War, reverse-engineering and analyzing Soviet equipment; and then I realized, Hell, we probably had.

I found this seriously weird: it was the camouflage case that threw me.  Somebody was worried that people would notice that this iPhone was different from everybody else’s iPhone.  And they were apparently right.

Moe Lane

PS: Note: I own neither a JesusPhone nor a Crackberry, thus making me agnostic on this issue.