Time for another episode of False Moral Equivalence from the anti-Israel Left!

I missed this yesterday, and I’m kind of glad that I did.

Article link here. Glenn Greenwald is simply a horrible human being.  I’d like to give a more measured and complex assessment of the man, but he himself makes it impossible.

And the Assange/Greenwald faction finally figures out how to blame the Jooooos for Charlie Hebdo attack.

These people.

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Tweet of the Day, HAHAHAHA :Breathe: HAHAHAHA edition.

You all know my views on Ed Snowden.  But this is… somehow apropos.  Or symbolic:

Via Twitchy. Hot Air has more; Ed’s being nicer about it, or at least laughing in private.

Moe Lane

PS: BTW, NEVER TRUST CONTENT FROM GLENN GREENWALD. Trust him and you’ll end up on a twelve hour flight from a former Commie hellhole to a current Commie hellhole with no story, and probably nothing to read.

#rsrh Hey, want to drink Glenns Greenwalds’ pain?

The parts where they’re impotently fulminating about the way America deeply mourned Ronald Reagan’s passing is danged tasty stuff.  But not as tasty as the way that Glenns are incredibly bitter about the fact that even Christopher Hitchens’ enemies – of which the man had a plethora, across the political spectrum – are willing to admit that Hitch had his points.  Which Hitch did: the man (who I never met) could be absolutely maddening at times, but he was never, ever dull.

Unlike, say, Glenns Greenwalds.  Seriously, there’s a reason why I only ever link to them when they’re loudly screaming in petulant agony.

Moe Lane

#rsrh Drinking @ggreenwald ‘s Pain.

There is going to be much drinking of Greenwald’s pain and despair over the way that Cheney amiably enough claimed victory in the internal political debate over counter-terrorism – and everybody’s got his or her own favorite tasty bit. Here’s mine:

If Obama has indeed changed his mind over the last two years as a result of all the Secret Scary Things he’s seen as President, then I genuinely believe that he and the Democratic Party owe a heartfelt, public apology to Bush, Cheney and the GOP for all the harsh insults they spewed about them for years based on policies that they are now themselves aggressively continuing.

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#rsrh QotD, Greenwald’s Guts for Garters Edition.

Via @bdomenech, from Wired’s acid-dipped and lovingly-sharpened evisceration of Glenn Greenwald over Greenwald’s rather sad attacks on Wired over the Bradley Manning story:

…while we welcome the honest views of other journalists acting in good faith, we now doubt this describes Glenn Greenwald.

To which I reply: “Doubt?” Some people need to get out more.

[Link fixed.]

#rsrh Elections have consequences, Glenn Greenwald.

It’s neither AoSHQ’s nor my fault that you and yours spent ever so much time in monomaniacal attacks on all things Republican, conservative, and (particularly) Bushian; so the fact that you’re now upset that the current administration rewards sycophancy with favorable media coverage doesn’t really move my heart to sympathy.  They did this during the campaign too, Sparky.  You just didn’t care then, because you wanted the grown-ups out of the White House.  Well, you got your wish – so you get to have a White House that does everything that you said that the Bush White House did, only now it’s all true.

Karma.  It’s what’s for dinner.

Moe Lane

Glenn Greenwald still pro-torture.

Free hint, Greenwald: until you write the magic sentence “I regret supporting Barack Obama in the last election,” you aren’t getting out of that designation. It’s not enough to disapprove: you have to admit that you were wrong.

Link via Protein Wisdom, because I try not to link to pro-torture Obama supporters if I can help it.

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What *did* Greenwald mean by ‘people like Chuck Schumer?’

After all, it couldn’t have been ‘swarmy, over-privileged, obnoxiously arrogant would-be aristocrat.’

Which is what I’d mean by that; but Greenwald’s a member of the Online Left, so that sort of thing wouldn’t bug him when it comes to a reliable Democrat.

None the less, Dan Riehl noted that Greenwald isn’t happy about the sudden cratering of Chas Freeman’s career:

Isn’t it rather obvious that at some point, there will be a substantial and understandable backlash as Americans watch people like Chuck Schumer openly boast that anyone who makes “statements against Israel” that he deems “over the top” will be disqualified from serving in our Government, despite a long and distinguished record of public service and unchallenged expertise?

As usual, I don’t directly link to pro-torture sites like Greenwald’s if I can help it; Dan’s got the link. I’d also like to note that the answer is “no, it’s not obvious.” Unlike Greenwald, most Americans don’t hate Jews Israelis Zionists are we still using ‘Likudniks’? I can never keep track. Continue reading What *did* Greenwald mean by ‘people like Chuck Schumer?’

Greenwald, Sullivan’s faux-outrage over rendition.

“‘To cowardice,’ he said, and flung the empty glass against the back wall of the fireplace with a savageness I had never seen in him before.”

The quote is from Spider Robinson’s short story “Unnatural Causes” (found in his first Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon story collection, known as, well, Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon), and we’ll be revisiting it in a moment.  But first: pro-torture pro-Obama bloggers Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan have decided that they are very unhappy about Obama’s decision to maintain the Bush administration’s policy of “asserting a broad “state secrets” privilege to shield from disclosure information related to the CIA’s rendition program.” You may find a link to Greenwald’s table-pounding via Glenn Reynolds, and one to Sullivan’s via Ace of Spades: no offense to either Glenn or Ace, but I’d rather not track the filth that they linked to directly into my nice, clean website.

And it is filth, because if you look at either pro-torture pro-Obama blogger, you’ll see that neither has done anything except pound on the table. And they won’t, either. Their outrage is rather finely tuned. Continue reading Greenwald, Sullivan’s faux-outrage over rendition.