So, Free RPG Day was a total whiffleball for me.

The store opened at 10 AM, and when I was there in 2016 when I got to the place at noon-thirty or so there was still tons of stuff left. So I figured getting there at quarter after 11 would be OK, right? Nope! Cleaned out within fifteen minutes.  I’d feel worse about this, except that I had two kids in tow and I wouldn’t have enjoyed standing in line with them for a half hour at 9:30 AM or so. (more…)


Game of Note: Gloom.

I ended up playing Gloom today with my group and one of my player’s new girlfriend. I don’t normally play card or board games anymore, but this one was fun. Basically, you get a family or group of five, and you have to figure out a way to make all of your characters die horribly while making everybody else’s have wonderful lives. And, on a technical level: the cards are transparent, which makes them real easy to stack and whatnot. It’s really well done, so check it out.

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