Quote of the Day, Yeah. Going Back To North Korea Would Be Contraindicated edition.

Contra. Indicated.

North Korea has demanded that two Australians return to Pyongyang and apologise on national TV for fooling the regime into thinking they were professional golfers.

The Australians in question were pretty much Hell, no in response.  Personally, I would advise a certain amount of prudence in the future. I have prepared a map for these two fine fellows: Continue reading Quote of the Day, Yeah. Going Back To North Korea Would Be Contraindicated edition.

My only comment on the ‘Obama’s golf game trumps military couple’s wedding’ thing.

At some point in 2017, the newly former President Barack Obama will be off doing something in public.  His Secret Service detail will, naturally enough, be attempting to secure whatever venue it is that the former President is visiting… and they will be told, in a very loud voice, to go start f*cking off now.  It may be by the owner of the site. It may be by a proprietor or shop-owner. It may just simply be a citizen or citizens; the point is, somebody is going to tell Barack Obama to go wait his goram turn like anybody else.  Because he’s never learned how to do that, and he’s certainly hasn’t been encouraged to over the last six years.

I don’t expect that incident to make the news, but I do hope that someone will have the mother-wit to have a camera running.

“They’re going to want to drive the Hovercraft and not play golf.”


Seriously, this is a question? It’s a hovercraft! The size of a golf cart! If you want to play golf, no problem, I’ll make sure that you have all your clubs and balls and whatever the heck those fuzzy things are.  Just… leave me the keys and I’ll be over there. And there.  And there…

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: Get enough of these, and you could do Live-Action G.E.V.  Just saying.

Cancel your golf games, Mr. President. Not White House tours for kids.

Although if you want to furlough more of your staff, instead: well, I’ve got my own reasons for being fine with that.  In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think that the President should furlough more of his staff in order to keep enjoying his golf games; I’m always up for seeing White House staffers be given a good, sharp lesson of their actual place in the DC food chain*.  It’s not like there would be any actual long-term down sides, either…

Moe Lane

*Not actual krill, but… I believe that the term is ‘feeder fish.’

Phil Mickelson hints tax changes may spur career change.

Alternate title: Golf Great Going Galt?

Let me use short words, here*: if you want less of something, tax it.  Because if you tax it, you will get less of it:

On the day President Obama was sworn in for his second term, [top professional golfer Phil] Mickelson sent shock waves through the Humana Challenge when he said the political landscape in the United States was causing him to seriously contemplate his future in golf.


“If you add up all the federal and you look at the disability and the unemployment and the Social Security and state, my tax rate is 62, 63 percent,” Mickelson said. “So I’ve got to make some decisions on what to do.”


In December, Mickelson, who was part of a group that had bought the San Diego Padres four months earlier, abruptly announced that he was no longer involved in the business deal. His reversal came shortly after California voters approved Proposition 30, which imposed a 13.3 percent tax rate on incomes of more than $1 million.

Asked Sunday if the election results played a role in his decision to sever his ties with the Padres’ ownership group, Mickelson replied, “Yeah, absolutely.”

Continue reading Phil Mickelson hints tax changes may spur career change.

The President has gotten back to business!

…Yup, he’s at the links again.

President Barack Obama is spending his first Saturday after winning reelection on the golf course. Today’s outing is to the course on Andrews Air Force Base.

This while Long Island is still in the dark.  Personally, if it wasn’t for that last bit I’d approve, on the theory that when President Obama is on the golf course he’s not actually trying to run the country.  We do better when he’s not trying to run the country; notice how the unemployment rate went down a bit as Obama really knuckled down to campaign?

Moe Lane

#rsrh I thank the Washington Press Corps on behalf of the GOP.

Your prostrate willingness to let President Obama set the precedent that the White House no longer has to wait for you to get your [expletive deleted] together before the President goes anywhere is appreciated.  It will be appreciated even more starting about, oh, I don’t know: late January 2013 or so.

And trust me: we’re going to point this out.  A lot.  As well as every other lapdog action engaged in by the media during the Interregnum… Continue reading #rsrh I thank the Washington Press Corps on behalf of the GOP.

‘All hands on deck’ for job creation! Again.

President Obama, during yet another promise to make job creation his number one priority in life. How many times does that make now? Six? Seven? Eight?  But he means it this time!

“Not until everyone who wants a good job that offers a little security has one. Not until empty storefronts in town are open for business again. Not until working families feel that they’re moving forward again. That’s what drives me every day I go to work. You. Your families. Your jobs. Your dreams, and everything it takes to keep them in reach,” [Obama] said.

Now watch this drive.

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