WI Democrats make (illiterate) threats to news organization.

Said threats being made by one Graeme Zielinski, communications director (his title will be funny in a moment; trust me) for the Wisconsin Democratic party – and my, but did he ever communicate!  And more than Zielinski really intended to, methinks.

Background information: there’s a site called  They apparently cover Wisconsin local politics – of which there’s been quite a bit lately that’s been of interest on a national level, of course – and earlier in the week the site reported on an interview that Governor Scott Walker did with the Heritage Foundation.  In the process of that article, noted two things:

  1. Wisconsin reportedly added 9,500 jobs in June.  This is technically the same number as half the net jobs created nationwide in the US (direct comparisons are really sort of… imprecise).
  2. And that Zielinski was – in the process of using language that, while not actually profane, was not exactly professional – touting Illinois’s job-creation credentials, despite the fact that Illinois reportedly lost a net 18,900 jobs in June.

So far, so… not really that much of a thing, is it?  Certainly not something that would spark a threat of going after press credentials.  At least, not something that would spark a threat that would be made by normal people. (more…)


#rsrh Please don’t do fake apologies, #p2.

If you hate us, you hate us. Some of you dream of violence against Republicans, if only you had the nerve. Don’t insult our intelligence by pretending otherwise; and, in particular, don’t take your later obligation to apologize as actually being an opportunity to continue to be a partisan schmuck. Well, sure, nobody can stop you from doing that last bit, but then nobody can stop you from dropping your pants in public and attempting to then dance the can-can.

I mean, seriously, Graeme Zielinski, Communications Director for the Wisconsin Democratic party. Are you not just the tiniest bit old to be pretending to be a tough guy?

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