Greenpeace gives up names of four activists involved in Nazca site desecration.

There’s twenty more or so minions who need to be revealed, but starting with some of the head vandals isn’t so bad:

Greenpeace named Wolfgang [Sadik], a veteran Greenpeace Germany campaigner, as the mastermind behind the assault on the Nazca Lines. The organization has also named Martin Kaiser, the person responsible for Greenpeace’s actions at the UN climate talk in Lima, and Isis Wiedeman, Greenpeace’s chief communications officer at the Lima summit. Both are linked to Greenpeace Germany. Mauro Fernandez, the final activist named in the report and a staffer for Greenpeace’s Argentina branch, told Peruvian reporters on Sunday night that Sadik hadn’t informed him that the Nazca site was sensitive, and that their planned actions were illegal.

Note: ‘some.’  I don’t care what Greenpeace is claiming: this operation wasn’t the sole responsibility of whichever faction happened to come up short in the internal fighting. If I was Peru, I’d be demanding that Germany secure any and all relevant records and paperwork from the German Greenpeace group before said records ‘disappear.’ Assuming that they can… eh, it’s Europe. The national governments over there are amazingly good at making the laws and regulations permit anything that the national governments need the laws and regulations to permit.

Still: nice to have names to vandals.

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Moe Lane

PS: I am very pleased to note that I was wrong: Greenpeace DID give up some White European males! Good job, Greenpeace.  Here. Have a cookie.

Greenpeace must help the Peruvian authorities put some white dudes in jail.

Yeah, I know that ain’t gonna happen.

I’m going to break a rule and tell you to go read a ThinkProgress piece, largely because whoever wrote it probably had to fight down a wave of nausea afterward.

The article, for those who don’t want to read even a sick-to-its-stomach TP piece, pretty much it’s one long exercise in trying to explain to its readers just how badly Greenpeace wrecked a portion of the Nazca Line site in Peru* (see here for background).  There’s no real defense to the facts on the ground, as it were: the Nazca site IS incredibly fragile, to the point where special shoes are worn to prevent footprints – and Greenpeace DID illegally enter the site and permanently mark it up with their heavy-sneakered tread.  The question then becomes: how can Greenpeace make this up to Peru?

Easy – and impossible: they can start by giving up the people who did the crime. Continue reading Greenpeace must help the Peruvian authorities put some white dudes in jail.

Greenpeace desecrates Peru’s Nazca Lines.

This really is the epitome of the peculiar, almost pure, kind of stupidity that you can expect from radical environmental activists. And pig-headedness. And a fundamental inability to understand why other people have this little voice in their heads that tell them when it’s a bad idea to do something. And… oh, I could go on about this for hours.  But marvel:

“Time for Change; The Future is Renewable” was the message of Greenpeace activists protesting at the ancient Nazca Lines UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Peruvian desert on Monday.

The activists placed yellow letters next to a famous hummingbird design, and now Peruvian authorities are threatening to sue Greenpeace and criminally charge the activists with “attacking archaeological monuments,” according to The Associated Press.

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Greenpeace strikes again: anti-Golden Rice, anti-Science; pro-Poor People Going Blind.

I try to be a tolerant man. If people want to believe stupid things, that’s one thing.  If people want to engage in suboptimal behaviors because of those stupid things… well, I may not like it, but I can’t save the world.  But when the scientific illiterates at Greenpeace decide (in classic bloody I’m-a-Western-progressive-here-to-take-up-the-White-Man’s-burden-so-all-you-natives-just-shut-up-now fashion) to condemn poor people to what would otherwise be an easily-preventable blindness?  Yeah, there’s a limit to tolerance.

On August 8th, 400 protesters ripped out seedlings of a new genetically modified plant called golden rice at a testing ground in the Philippines. Genes from bacteria and corn have been added to the rice to make it a source of vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness and weakens the immune system, contributing to 2 million deaths every year. (Golden rice is being developed by a non-profit organization, not Monsanto.) As the Philippine government prepares to rule on whether or not to allow farmers to grow the wonder-crop, the anti-GMO movement is digging itself in for a fight.

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