KFC/Taco Bell partners with Grubhub for delivery, Immanentizing the Eschaton.

Yea, verily, this is a sign of the End Times: “On Thursday, Yum Brands — the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut — announced it had entered into a partnership with delivery company Grubhub. The chains’ franchisees will work with Grubhub to roll out online ordering for pickup and delivery in thousands of locations in the coming months.”  Why? Well, it’s not that creating this service will go a long way towards removing one of the few remaining reasons why people will leave the house voluntarily.  It’s not because turning Grubhub into a monopoly-seeking and potentially obnxiously-ubiquitous service might be on the horizon. It’s not even that if McDonald’s attempts to use Uber to deliver Big Macs fail then my legacy stock in the company might take a nosedive.

No, it’s because this isn’t Popeyes.  I could go for some Popeyes chicken right now, in fact. Or maybe Pollo Campero, which is amazingly good and you should be thankful if you have one of those in your area.

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