War Snails [GURPS 4e]

War Snails – Google Docs


War Snails


ST 45; DX 6; IQ 4; HT 16

Will 10; Per 8; Speed 3; Dodge 7; Move 3

SM +2 (3 hexes) 3,000 lbs

Traits: Domestic Animal; DR 10; Dependency (Mana) [Constant]; Gluttony; Increased Consumption 2; Magical Resistance 10; Mana Damper 1 [Area Effect 3]; Weak Bite



Fuzz [TL9-10] [GURPS 4e]

Fuzz [TL9-10] – Google Docs

Fuzz [TL9-10]


$1,000/dose. LC varies.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Case in point: when it became clear that government and corporate entities had access to technology that could track you via your DNA — or, worse, create diseases specifically keyed to it — there soon came effective countermeasures. Which then spawned counter- countermeasures, and so forth; but, honestly, anything that keeps grey- or black-market genetic engineers busy chasing their own tails is probably going to be worth it, from society‚Äôs point of view.


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