GURPS Revisited: Padway-3. [GURPS 4e]

I’m putting this up because somebody was interested in using some of this material, so I figured the least I could do would be to make it a little easier to access.  I mean, why not, right?

Padway-3 (Quantum 5) – Google Docs



Padway-3 (Quantum 5)


The Secret is thoroughly compromised on Padway-3, and there is little consolation to Infinity that this is due to no fault of theirs. The blame instead rests with Jerry Moore, an involuntary crosstime filibusterer who appeared on Padway-3 over sixty local years ago, and who wasted no time in fomenting revolution among recently-conquered and definitely oppressed American colonists. By the time Moore died of old age in 1800, he had recreated a USA that promises to challenge the Ottoman and Chinese empires for supremacy of the globe; and as Moore had shown no interest in hiding his origins, the entire timeline now knows that crosstime travel is at least possible. Homeline is still trying to determine how to proceed.



GURPS Revisited: Fanboy-1 (Quantum 5) [GURPS 4e]

And this is the other one.

Fanboy-1 (Quantum 5) – Google Docs


Fanboy-1 (Quantum 5)

(With apologies to Ken Hite and Kim Newman)


On paper Fanboy-1 is, if not a cash cow, at least a cash goat for Infinity. It’s a world where most of the greats of science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction have had more productive careers; the resulting works are valuable not only on Homeline, but in almost any timeline with a divergence point after about 1945. All of which leads to a certain reluctance to officially notice what might be faint warning signs.


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