My hate mail reminds me that I need to make a point about election cycles.

First off, let me apologize: trying to navigate Windows 8 AND the new format for YouTube means that I somehow managed to not keep a copy for people’s delectation.  I’m sure that the fellow will go through the trouble of creating a new anonymous account for the express purpose of telling me that I’m not worth anybody’s time, so there’s that, at least –

That reminds me:

Feel free. There’s a really cool Trail of Cthulhu supplement that I’d like to pick up; the family’s discretionary income fund is wayyyy down right now; and, honestly, the generosity of the Online Right’s readership pisses off the Online Left no end, largely because they apparently find it almost impossible to get crowd-funding*… (more…)


See, this is *useful* hate mail.

Which is to say, potentially profitable hate mail.

Don’t get me wrong: some of the other stuff that I was getting was entertaining, in its own way – but honestly, Fark has let its comments section slip, and the resulting crudities have pretty much made their trolls useless on a practical level.  If you can’t reprint it without first blacking out every other word, what’s the point of using it to benefit yourself financially? …And as for the “half hour to write” crowd; part of the fun of dealing with them is strangling the original comment and setting up the direct-to-spam function.  But the problem there is that you can’t really fundraise off of it without giving out just a morsel of engagement.  Which is what they so desperately need.

But this… this is perfect.  Short, sweet, to the point – and full of a delicious, almost-hidden resentment of the market forces that have so inexplicably put me into a position where I can pull resources out of the Internet.  It’s quite fun to see… so won’t you hit the tip jar?  I hear that John Ringo’s new urban fantasy series is quite good, and Baen Books takes PayPal.

Moe Lane


Ah, the tolerance of the Left.

See, this is why you need to do oppo research first.

Even a little research would have indicated to this doofus that trying to inflame homophobia on this site would be doubly a fool’s errand.  Mind you, this kind of language would have gotten him thrown off of pretty much the entire Right-side of the ‘sphere anyway, but then we’ve known for some time that the Online Left’s view of the Online Right is terrifyingly evocative of the whispering voices that chitter blasphemies to, and urge horrors from, them in the dark of the night…

Moe Lane

PS: Feel free:

I wouldn’t actually mind picking up Diablo III: Standard Edition.


Confirmation that I’m doing my job right.

And how I love them for it (NSFW).

Well, for given values of ‘love.’

Video that provoked the reaction:

…and may it tick them off more and more as the 2012 election looms.

Moe Lane

PS: no applause, just throw money.

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