I predict an upset in Hawaii’s Democratic Senate primary on Saturday.

Alas, I’m doing so because of, well, racism.  Or at least a highly unseemly racialist awareness of the candidates on the part of Hawaiian Democrats:

If U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz falls short in Saturday’s Democratic primary in Hawaii, it will be despite the support he has lined up from a slew of boldface names who are backing his candidacy.

Prominent Washington Democrats ranging from Al Gore to Elizabeth Warren to Harry Reid have all gotten behind the incumbent in his race against U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa.

Most notably, Schatz earned the backing of the first commander-in-chief born in the Aloha State when President Obama endorsed him in March.

Still, it is another native son of Hawaii who truly looms over the special election, offering Hanabusa perhaps the biggest boost in her upset bid: the late Sen. Daniel Inouye, who represented the 50th state in Washington for half a century.

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RGA slams Hawaii’s state #obamacare exchange, Neil Abercrombie.

Mind you, both the state Obamacare exchange AND the governor deserve it.

The state Obamacare exchange for not working, and the governor for contributing to the general lack of function. For those who missed the original story: Hawaii, like many other Democratic controlled states*, produced its own state exchange.  And, like many other Democratic-controlled states, the exchange has crashed, burned, exploded, sunk below the waves, and then exploded again.  Just in time, I might add, for the 2014 election cycle, which amusingly enough is a midterm – which means that most of the governors’ races are taking place this November. Continue reading RGA slams Hawaii’s state #obamacare exchange, Neil Abercrombie.

Charles Djou running for Hawaii-01, NOT Hawaii-SEN.

Interesting, and a pity: “Former U.S. Rep, Charles Djou, a Republican, officially announced today that he is running for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District seat.” It’s a pity because while there weren’t that many ways to take advantage of the gutter war in the Democratic primary between Brian Schatz and Colleen Hanabusa, Charles Djou was pretty much the biggest Republican name that could run who wasn’t running for something else (Hawaii doesn’t have much of a Republican presence*). Unless Linda Lingle is ready to run again, that’s pretty much it… Continue reading Charles Djou running for Hawaii-01, NOT Hawaii-SEN.

Barack Obama may be giving Brian Schatz the Kiss of Death in Hawaii-SEN primary.

As in, he’s endorsing Schatz over Colleen Hanabusa.

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Some VERY interesting things in this Hawaii News Now/Star Advertiser poll.

And by ‘interesting’ I mean favorable:

  • The most obvious one is that Republican (and former Lt. Gov) Duke Aiona would in a rematch beat Neil Abercrombie 48-40 among registered voters.
  • Charles Djou (running for Senate) has a favorable/unfavorable rating of 58/30, which is fairly close to Colleen Hanabusa’s 62/27. Clearly, Hanabusa’s is better, but not nearly by as much as I would have expected.
  • And this is important because Colleen Hanabusa currently leads incumbent Senator Brian Schatz 48/40 in the Democratic Senate primary.

If the Hawaii News Now/Star Advertiser poll checked the Senate race, it wasn’t reported: based on the numbers, I’d guess that Hanabusa would be ahead of Djou and that Djou would be ahead of Schatz*. That is… remarkable news: particularly if the Hawaiian primaries turn nasty. After all, Djou won his Congressional race because Ed Case and… Colleen Hanabusa… both adamantly refused to accept the results of their primary race. Obviously, the Hawaiian Democratic party is as aware of this as I am: the question is, will they be able to keep whichever Democrat loses in line?

Interesting days ahead.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*You might be forgiven for thinking that this poll suggests that hao… ahem, ‘Caucasians’… may end up having a somewhat thin time of it in Hawaii this election cycle.  Mostly because I’m thinking it, too.  I don’t know what to do about it, though.

Hi, Sam Slom!

No, no reason: I just like to let Sam know from time to time that somebody on the mainland actually remembers that there is a Republican party in Hawaii – and a Republican in the state Senate there.  Sam Slom‘s been the Minority Leader there since 2010, because he’s also been the entire Senate caucus there since 2010.  I assume that the job is as lonely as all get-out.

Don’t know what the heck we’re going to do over there when Sam retires, tell truthful.  I wonder if Hawaii Democrats are being similarly thoughtful…

Senator Brian Schatz (D, Hawaii): did you have carnal relations with that sheep?

“…most distasteful in view of the fact that the sheep was under 18 years old.”

No, I never thought that I’d have the opportunity to write that out, either.  But apparently this is the world that we live in, now:

Hawaii senator Brian Schatz involved in simulated sheep rape rituals

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz once led a fraternity that got into trouble with the law and animal welfare groups for threatening to sodomize a sheep.

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Neil Abercrombie ignores Daniel Inouye’s dying wish, picks Brian Schatz for Hawaii Senate.

Just as a thought experiment: imagine what would happen if the following scenario played out…

  • A minority Republican Senator passes away.
  • Choosing a successor is the responsibility of his state’s (white) (Republican) governor.
  • The late Senator in question had formally made a request to the governor that a particular qualified individual (who also happens to be a minority) succeed him.
  • The governor then proceeds to ignore the dying wish of the late Senator, and instead chooses his (white) Lt. Governor.

The question before the board is, Just how big would the resulting media firestorm be, anyway?  Large enough to detect from orbit?

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#rsrh Our poor President’s awful Christmas quandary.

What IS this garbage?

President Obama faces a most difficult decision with the payroll tax extension up in the air, and it isn’t whether to compromise with Republicans.

The toughest call for the president this holiday season could be whether to join his family for Christmas in Hawaii or stay in lonely Washington.

Let me make it simple: President Obama’s job description does not include “$4 million holiday trips to Hawaii.”  Considering he bungled this entire situation in the first place by deciding to play games on the Keystone ethical oil pipeline, Obama should do what the rest of us have to do when our actions screw up our vacation plans: grow up and buckle down.  Besides, when you’re President you work the job, not the clock.  Alternatively, Obama can take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell the President of the United States what to do and just freaking go on yet another vacation without all this fake agony over the situation.  That’s more or less endurable, too.  Just… stop whining about it, already.

Hey, if President Obama doesn’t like it he can always quit.  Judging from past performance, it’s not like the Republic is going to collapse if Obama leaves his current job.

Moe Lane

PS: I think that I know which movie William Jacobson is thinking of.  Had sequels, right?