Neflix decides that if they could sell SHE-RA, they can sell HE-MAN.

Also animated. Apparently this HE-MAN will be computer-animated. No idea what idiom it’s going to be in, though.


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Buried lede: Why is it taking 14 years to excrete a HE-MAN movie?

I am in an awesomely cranky mood right now, mind you. But I feel that this is a valid response to this news:

After developing a Masters of the Universe film since 2007, Sony is apparently considering making the project for Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The outlet reports that studio chairman Tom Rothman is in preliminary talks as Sony decides between finding a studio or financier partner for the He-Man project, or go with Netflix in a “safe deal.”


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The DC comics crossover that your 80s cartoon-watching self will love.

ThunderCats/He-Man.  This may be epic. I was Team ThunderCats, myself; my wife is Team He-Man… or, more accurately, Team She-Ra.  Although I, like the rest of my ever-so-sophisticated friends, was officially ‘too old’ to watch ThunderCats.  Nope, we didn’t watch that show.  Not us. Neither did we watch Transformers, GI JOE, or The Real Ghostbusters, either. Or, sure, those shows may have been on while we were home, but that was completely a coincidence.

Ayup. Total coincidence.

Moe Lane

PS: No, we could all admit to watching Star Blazers, G-Force, and Voltron.  Those were anime.  That was allowed.

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