The Bundle of Holding double-barrel-dangerous Champions 4E sale.

‘Double-barrel’ because it’s in two parts. You got your Champions 4E Essentials, which is gonna cost you thirty-three bucks – look, let’s not pretend that you’re going to go minimalist here, OK?  You’re either going to open your wallet wide, or not at all.  No point trying to play the angles here.  – Anyway, that’s going to get you pretty much all the Champions genre books.  And then you got your Champions 4E Universe, which for thirty-seven bucks gets you all the adventures.  All in all, act now and spend seventy bucks and you get the entire Hero System 4E Champions line.

And that’s why ‘dangerous.’  Because that price is only going to go up.  If you’re gonna get ’em, get ’em now.

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