Hey, I guess I was wrong about something.

I figured that Meryl Streep wasn’t going to let them destroy her chances at a third Oscar by giving her a horribly deformed Margaret Thatcher to play.  Via Power Line, it seems that I was wrong:

The cameras have not even started rolling on a new film being made about Margaret Thatcher’s life in which she is expected to be played by Meryl Streep, but already the project has been tainted by controversy over the negative way it intends to portray the former Prime Minister.

On first hearing about the production last month, a member of Lady Thatcher’s family, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they were ‘appalled’ to learn that she will be depicted as a dementia sufferer looking back on her career with regret.

How do I put this nicely? Look, Hollywood: the reason why the movies that all y’all make that all y’all let be too informed by your personal political sensibilities never make any money is because, well, your personal political sensibilities suck and normal people hate them.  This is not the fault of normal people, and neither is the fact that all y’all get incredibly whiny about having to go through the unbearable tedium of making movies that people will watch in sufficient quantities to support your collective hooker, cocaine, and left-wing liberal activism habits.  So when this turkey bombs and Streep discovers that her numbers are going to be down slightly for the rest of her career, try some introspection before all y’all start pitching a fit.


I-N-T-R-Oh, never mind.

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Hollywood sign ‘saved’ by… Hef.


The famous Hollywood sign has been saved from being spoiled by property development by a last-minute donation from Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner.

The soft-porn magnate gave $900,000 (£580,000) to the fund which was set up to stop the site being developed.


It never faced demolition, but campaigners were worried the famous vista would be ruined by the sight of properties towering over the four-storey high letters.

Of course, all three O’s now have to pose in the September issue and the consonants will all be made Editors.

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PS: Personally, I think that they should have stuck a nice, big Baptist church there.  And a military base.  Maybe add a nuclear power plant; that way you’d get a symbolic trifecta of everything Hollywood hates.

Yup, philistine.  It was a freaking real estate ad, people.

Call of Duty and the failure of Newspeak.

Alternative title: Thus Do We Refute Marshall McLuhan.  Via Instapundit, The Market Hath Spoken:

Hollywood churned out dozens of in-the-trenches, pro-America extravaganzas such as Wake Island and Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo while World War II was being fought.

But the portrayal of the U.S. military during its current engagements has been more subdued and even critical.

Game makers have stepped into the breach. And they’re making huge bucks crafting patriotic entertainment pieces for which the movie industry used to be famous.

It’s actually fascinating to see the blind spot exhibited by Hollywood antiwar types, here.  If you had ask them whether they thought Prohibition worked, or whether Just Say No works, they’d immediately reply no, it didn’t.  Merely forbidding a behavior doesn’t make it simply go away, and someone would have to be an unsophisticated hick with a naive worldview to think that not talking about something is the same as suppressing it.  And yet, they’ve spent the last decades resolutely ignoring the fact that their attempts to tamp down patriotic and pro-military attitudes in the American population didn’t work, and has cost them a lot of money.

Incredible.  Then again, it’s not like Hollywood selects for critical thinking.

Moe Lane

PS: By all accounts, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one heck of a game on its own merits.  Whether or not it’s what the above article portrays it as being.

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My Little Pony… the movie.

You’d watch this.

Admit it.

My Little Pony.

Personally, I think that Allahpundit’s being too disapproving of this sort of thing. Hollywood makes movies like what this one is satirizing because people want to see them. A lot. And while they may pay for movies that Hollywood wants to make and nobody wants to watch, they also pay for movies that not enough people want to watch. I mean, I liked Bottle Shock; but no way was that movie coming out if Hollywood couldn’t pay the bills.

Just saying.

Even voters in Hollywood notice the tax problem.

Joy McCann (Little Miss Attila) links to John McCann (Write Enough) (must be one of those coincidences) on why there are Tea Parties going on everywhere:

Taxes are particularly unfair in Hollywood. You may hardly work for years – ahem! – then sell something for a big score. The government taxes you at the highest rate, as if you’d been sweeping in the long green the whole time.

Considering that you’re taxed pretty much on every transaction plus state, local and federal taxes, in addition to tax on interest, property, phone/Internet and capital gains taxes, I can only assert we’re gagging in taxes. Having worked for the federal government, I can assure you its not being spent wisely. Just spent.

…and before you say; I do believe that he does in fact vote accordingly. So there’s that.

Moe Lane

PS: Joy, like so many others – including myself! – would also like to know where her cut is:

I myeslf would like to join Wendy (and Jane H. herself, of course) in asking, “where the hell is my money?” As long as I’m a lobbyist, I’d love to be getting paid for it. My God: I wish we were Astroturf.

Alas, the Left is projecting again: we don’t have a Media Matters that can saturate the ‘net with C-list blogging. People like my unworthy self are instead forced to point to the donate button on the sidebar and make meaningful coughing noises, instead…

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