The ‘Every Streaming Service’ Honest Trailer.

Not gonna lie: I was wondering whether Honest Trailers was scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. But if they did, the barrel had been incompetently emptied earlier, because ‘Every Streaming Service’ is funny. Sometimes brutally so.

Moe Lane

…The Snyder Cut and all the DC stuff might get me to try out HBO Max. I’ll admit it, I’m not proud.

The MULAN (2020) Honest Trailer.

In some ways, this Honest Trailer for the new MULAN is more cutting than something I would have written. I’m just so plain pissed off about this flick that I would have spent the time yelling about slave factory camps, and said nothing about everything else that’s apparently wrong with this film. Honest Trailers was more comprehensive in its dissection.

The Unstable TWISTER Honest Trailer.

It’s weird. I saw TWISTER in theaters, and I remember that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I think I wanted a twister-demon or something; something seriously supernatural and going after the leads. But, you know, it was in theaters and it was OK.

So, I watched this Honest Trailer, and I realize now how incredibly dumb this concept was for a movie. Absolutely absurd, really. And yet… I kind of want to see it again. Kooky, huh?