The ‘Useful to Mine’ SNAKE EYES Honest Trailer.

I had no interest in seeing SNAKE EYES before, and I have none now.

However, the following movies (all of which were mentioned by Honest Trailers) sound interesting:

…which is itself a judgement on SNAKE EYES, huh?

The LOKI Honest Trailer.

I am, like, so behind on stuff.

Having had some time to digest it, I think I like LOKI the best of the Disney+ shows so far. Mostly because Tom Hiddleston loves playing this character more than any other MCU actor, with the possible exception of Chris Hemsworth. I’m definitely looking forward to the second season.

Moe Lane


The MONEY PLANE! Honest Trailer / Pitch Meeting.

You can’t quite justify MONEY PLANE! getting the Honest Trailer treatment. Nor can you, for Pitch Meeting. But damn if it doesn’t work when you lump the two together. I guess it’s the shared sense of horror*?

Moe Lane

*Although you get the impression that they kind of liked Kelsey Grammer’s performance.