Scenes from the Democratic Party’s War on Tax-Paying: Missouri

Free tip for Missouri Democrats: when you’re trying to find a replacement for the third state legislator from your party who’s been caught up in a federal corruption case… find one who already pays her taxes.

ST. LOUIS — A day before she clinched the nomination to fill a vacancy in the Missouri House of Representatives on Saturday, St. Louis Democrat Hope Whitehead paid a visit to City Hall.

Not to mobilize supporters, but to pay hundreds of dollars in outstanding taxes.

Her trip downtown was more than just civic duty. Under state law, candidates with overdue tax bills are ineligible for the ballot.

(H/T: @TheAnchoress) Why does Missouri have to have this be an actual law? This should be elementary common sense for prospective legislators.  Brush your teeth.  Wear your underwear inside your pants. Pay your taxes.  These should not be difficult concepts to grasp.

Apparently not.

Moe Lane

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